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# 05.03.2018 - 04:14:13

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by Xinhua writer Wu Yilong

FUZHOU, Sept. 7 (Xinhua) -- Lin Rigeng brims with pride everytime he tells visitors the stories of his house.

"I never get tired of it. Actually http://www.cheapnhljerseysbluejackets.com/David-Savard-Jersey/ , I enjoy it," he said.

The four-story clay building Lin, 66, shares with 77 otherscovers an area of 5,000 square meters http://www.cheapnhljerseysbluejackets.com/Oliver-Bjorkstrand-Jersey/ , or nearly three quarters ofa football field. It was built a century ago by his grandfather'sbrothers.

These buildings are known as "tulou," which means "building madeof earth" in Chinese. In July 2008, tulou were inscribed on theUNESCO's World Heritage List as a unique residential architectureof east China's Fujian Province.

Lin's house in Hongkeng Village was among the 46 representativetulou presented to the World Heritage Committee.

"My house belongs to the world. I want everyone to learn aboutit," said Lin.


Tulou can take many forms, including rings http://www.cheapnhljerseysbluejackets.com/Ryan-Murray-Jersey/ , triangles, squares,rectangles, and pentagons. Lin's home is one of the most commonring-shaped tulou.

It is believed that the first tulou were built in the 11thcentury by people who escaped the wars in central China. This isone explanation for why tulou have an extremely thick outer wall.The wall around Lin's home is 1.3 meters thick.

Tulou functioned as a fortress to protect residents frominvaders and wild animals.

There are more than 20,000 tulou in Yongding County http://www.cheapnhljerseysbluejackets.com/Sonny-Milano-Jersey/ , about twoand a half hours drive from Xiamen which recently hosted the ninthBRICS summit.

The oldest existing tulou in the county was built 600 years ago.The largest has 384 rooms and can accommodate at least 800people.

Lin's house was named Zhencheng Lou by his grandfather. It has208 rooms arranged according to the bagua, an eight-point diagramthat determines the auspicious locations for various functions tobalance the energy within the house.

Fifteen families live in the building and all are involved intourism-related businesses, including tour guiding, runninghomestays, selling farm produce such as tea http://www.cheapnhljerseysbluejackets.com/Cam-Atkinson-Jersey/ , mushrooms, driedvegetables and persimmons, and souvenirs including tulou models andbooks.

"We are richer. Our life is better, so is our livingenvironment," said Lin http://www.cheapnhljerseysbluejackets.com/Matt-Calvert-Jersey/ , when talking about changes that touristshave brought for his family.

According to Yongding County records, a model of Zhencheng Louwas on display at an international architectural model expo held inLos Angeles since the 1980s.

Locals tell a story that tulou, especially the ring-shaped ones,were spotted by U.S. satellites and mistaken for missile silos ornuclear devices during the Cold War.

"In my opinion, that tale originally helped attractinternational attention to tulou http://www.cheapnhljerseysbluejackets.com/Alexander-Wennberg-Jersey/ ," Lin said.


Lin is the son of a farmer and his name means "plowingeveryday."

He was born in Zhencheng Lou, and could not be a more hospitablehost. Back in the 1980s, when few people knew about the buildings,he began voluntarily guiding visitors, treating them withhome-grown tea http://www.cheapnhljerseysbluejackets.com/Zach-Werenski-Jersey/ , food and wine, and telling them the history of thebuildings.

"The moment they entered Zhencheng Lou, they were simultaneouslyshocked and excited. They could not imagine how people could buildsuch a large house to accommodate a whole clan," Lin said, "Onlythen did I realize my house was such a treasure."

In 1991 http://www.cheapnhljerseysbluejackets.com/Jack-Johnson-Jersey/ , Lin became the first tulou tour guide hired by YongdingCounty Tourism Administration.

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