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While the actual EFT tapping points are important, the act of physically tapping during an Emotional Freedom Technique session is not nearly as important as selecting the correct issue to address, and how to compose the set-up statement about that issue. For greatest success it is important to invest time and effort to collect, prepare and mentally lock onto the memory or feeling that developed when your energy system became disrupted so long ago. General EFT tapping point informationSome quick information about EFT tapping points in general: 1. Use several fingers to tap on each point, so you do not miss anything. Like using a big hammer, you will not miss the target. 2. Tap gently but firmly Travis Hamonic Jersey , fast enough that you tap maybe 5-7 times in 1-2 seconds. 3. Most EFT tapping points are bilateral, meaning they are found on both the right and left side of the body. It is not necessary to tap on both sides; tap on whatever side feels comfortable. 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The alternate point to use while repeating the set-up statement is called the Sore Spot; it is not at all a small point like the others, but more like an area covering a 2-3 inch circle. It is well known as a neurolymphatic drainage area that removes toxins from all the tissues above it. The Sore Spot is located on the upper and outer part of the chest, over the pectoral muscle, below the outer part of the collarbone, before you reach the head of the arm bone at the shoulder joint. Seven EFT tapping points used with the Reminder PhraseNext we will describe the location of the seven EFT tapping points used during the Reminder Phrase portion of an EFT round. These are all located either on the face or truck 锟?five on the face and two on the trunk. 1. EYE BROW (EB) 锟?The highest one, located at the beginning of the eyebrow Ryan Strome Jersey , near the center of the face and near the nose. Use 2-3 fingers on either one of the two eyebrow points. 2. 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