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TheseStainless Steel Textured Partitions are frequently found in upscale office buildings and restaurants. Airport administrators purchase these partitions because of their durability, elegance, and they can be easily installed in a remodel. And they are also found in high end retail locations and modern schools and universities. The partitions are sold with a fifteen year warranty against rust out. All of the stainless steel hardware is warranted for the lifetime of the partition.

Our Stainless Steel Textured Partitions are unique in that the texture pattern appears on the entire panel, including the edges. This is a feature that makes the partitions even more attractive and it is a feature not offered by any other manufacturer. In addition Matt Kemp Braves Jersey , the panels, doors, and pilasters are seamless by way of 锟絣ocking锟?the opposing panels together and welding the corners. This technique prevents moisture penetration. The doors and panels are one inch thick and constructed from twenty two gauge stainless steel. The doors and panels are built with two stainless steel sheets of metal that 锟絪andwich锟?an insulated, moisture resistant inner core. This core adheres to the inner surfaces of the sheets and is then subjected to heat and pressure for permanent adhesion. The pilasters are built in a similar manner except that the inner core is a solid particle board. The doors also have reinforcements welded to it at the top and bottom hinge locations. These reinforcements are located on the internal portion of the door and are either sixteen or fourteen gauge steel. The doors also have fully adjustable closing positions for each hinge. The hinges also feature an internal true gravity cam to enable smooth door operation. The doors also have a pre punched hole that is used for installation of ADA compliant concealed slide latches.

These Stainless Steel Textured Partitions will offer years of operational performance with proper cleaning and maintenance. Fortunately, the cleaning of stainless steel is a simple process. The use of severe chemicals or cleaners should be completely avoided. Chemicals such as muriatic acid and hydrochloric acid should be avoided because they can cause permanent damage to any stainless steel surface. Routine cleaning for stainless steel should be done with a mild soap or detergent and water. A soft cloth Kurt Suzuki Braves Jersey , sponge, or fibrous plastic brushes should be used to clean and wipe the surfaces. And always rinse the surface with fresh water and wipe dry.

There are several standard mounting options for Stainless Steel Textured Partitions. The Floor to Ceiling mounting option is usually recommended in situations where additional stability is desired. This option mounts from the floor to the ceiling and is suitable for ceiling heights up to ten feet. The Ceiling Hung mounting option is often selected when the building owner desires complete floor access for easier cleaning. This mounting style requires pre installed structural ceiling supports and generally applies to ceiling of eight feet or less in height. The Floor Braced mounting option is often utilized in areas where there are very high ceilings or the building owner simply prefers the design. The concrete floor must be at least three inches thick for anchoring purposes. The most common mounting option is the Overhead Braced method. This method anchors to the floor and additional support is achieved with a headrail that is attached to a wall.
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