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# 09.11.2017 - 03:48:10

Protein and Endurance Sports Endurance Sports are like music concerts.
They start at a low key
max 90 hyperfuse uomo
, setting a steady rhythm and culminate
into a crescendo that enthralls the spectator and the athlete. And not
unlike an orchestra, endurance demands a flawless performance from
every organ, testing the limits of their resilience. As each system,
conducted by the human will, endures a pace bordering on fatigue, the
athlete begins to hear music from the heart.
What芒鈧劉s often neglected, and considered
unnecessary, in endurance sports is a high-protein diet that can
expand the aerobic capacity and power the performance.To sustain
effort and delay fatigue, the body needs an adequate supply of oxygen
and fuel without accumulating waste products, acids or heat. Greater
the intensity of the workout, greater is the efficiency required. The
capacity of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, the fuel
stores in the muscle, the hepatic and renal support systems must all
expand exponentially to perform in endurance sports. If any of these
prerequisites are not met, the internal milieu becomes uncomfortable.
Metabolism slows down, to allow excretion of wastes, acids and heat,
as fatigue sets in. The aerobic stress of endurance sports provides
the necessary stimulus for growth and development. The body is ready
to build. All that is needed are the building blocks-the
Proteins.Given an adequate and appropriate supply of proteins
max 90 hyperfuse scontate
, the body remains in a state of
positive nitrogen balance. Sufficient protein consumption, along with
a high-energy diet also influences the carbohydrate and fat
metabolism. In the well-fed state, with sufficient physical activity,
dietary proteins stimulate the simultaneous release of the growth
hormone and insulin. The combined hormonal influence redirects dietary
carbohydrate and fat to the aerobic muscle fibers where they are
stored as fuels for exhausting workouts. The consequent increase in
muscle stores of glycogen and lipid allows sustained activity for a
longer time. With enough proteins, the lean body mass, stamina and
performance increase throughout the training program.Proteins and
amino acids also directly supply between 1 to 6 % of the energy needs
during a workout. The proportion of energy derived from proteins
increases with the intensity of the exercise. Given their role in
bodybuilding, proteins are too important to be used as fuel and
attempts should be made to minimize this percentage. Studies by
Bowtell and Tarnopolsky, report that a high-energy (carbohydrate)
diet, when combined with an ample protein intake and hydration, has a
protein sparing effect under aerobic conditions. However, when the
protein intake is inadequate, the high-energy diet fails to protect
proteins from being used up as fuel. Therefore, endurance athletes
need to ensure high levels of protein intake not only to supply amino
acids for growth, but also to make sure that the amino acids
don芒鈧劉t get burnt up as fuel.Endurance
athletes need proteins but do they need protein supplements? The
answer, till recently, was negative for recreational and modest
athletes. Protein supplements were advised only for professional
athletes and for sportspersons with a diet deficient in proteins.
However, these recommendations
max 90 verde fluo
, based on a parameter called
balance芒鈧劉, have often been questioned.
Young and Bier propose that there exists a subtle state of protein
deficiency, called the
state, where an inadequate protein intake is masked by the breakdown
of body proteins. Measurements based on nitrogen balance do not take
the accommodative state into account and are therefore are not
accurate enough to calculate protein requirements. Mark Tarnopolsky,
in a recent review on Protein Requirements in Endurance Athletes, also
raises similar questions.Epidemiological studies, by McKenzie and
others, also suggest that the dietary protein intake of up to 20% of
athletes may be below levels recommended for sedentary individuals.
Then there is always the ambiguous quality and absorbability of a
dietary protein. Just eating proteins in diet does not ensure that
they will provide all the essential amino acids in adequate
quantities. Given the vital role that proteins play in the metabolic
and physiological response to aerobic stresses of endurance sports,
and the uncertainties regarding dietary protein intake, a protein
supplement like Profect脗庐, can go a long way in
improving performance.Adequate training and a Profect diet will take
endurance to its limits, to levels where aerobic metabolism stimulates
the release of enkephalins, the human equivalent of opium. These
enkephalins produce the natural high that is often referred to as the
As long as metabolism remains aerobic, the mind is flooded with
enkephalins and the systems function in harmony. In
capacity seems endless and fatigue non-existent. Profect, the perfect
protein supplement can do that for you.About ProticaFounded in 2001,
Protica, Inc. is a nutritional research firm with offices in Lafayette
Hill and Conshohocken
max 90 rosse donna
, Pennsylvania. Protica manufactures
capsulized foods, including Profect, a compact, hypoallergenic,
ready-to-drink protein beverage containing zero carbohydrates and zero
fat. Information on Protica is available at http:www.protica You can
also learn about Profect at http:www.profect References1. Tarnopolsky
M.:Protein Requirements for Endurance Athletes Nutrition
200420:662芒鈧€?668.2. McKenzie S, Phillips SM,
Carter SL, Lowther S, Gibala MJ, Tarnopolsky MA:Endurance exercise
training attenuates leucine oxidation and BCOAD activation during
exercise in humans. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab
2000278:E5803.Bowtell JL, Leese GP, Smith K, et al. Effect of oral
glucose on leucine turnover in human subjects at rest and during
exercise at two levels of dietary protein.J Physiol 2000525(pt
1):2714. Young VR, Bier DM, Pellett PL. A theoretical basis for
increasing current estimates of tBuild The Ve.
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