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In early history, fraud would be committed by using deceptive weights and measure by merchants measuring out produce or by con artists stealing money outright.

With the arrival of modern banking practices, check fraud is one of the predominant financial crimes. One needs to be aware of a few ideas to stay safe.

But, with the onset of paper money and modern electronic record keeping, these fallen souls resorted to other methods. Check fraud is reported to be the number one crime for fraudulent money transaction according to statistics.

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You can’t control another’s perceived need or their rationalizations but can control their perception of going undetected. The reality check is that you can only affect the feeling that they are being watched, the cookies are being counted and that they cannot go undetected. They need mechanisms in place that makes them think that the cookies are counted before and after they leave.

Another variation appears when a bank check is stolen in transit. A stolen check issued by you can be stolen out of a mailbox or intercepted and endorsed and cashed by someone other than the person the check was intended for. Heshe again cashes it and disappears with the loot.

Studies show that 5% of the population are compulsive stealers. The will lie cheat and steal If it is to their benefit. They cannot tell the truth and will slant facts to suit themselves.

Also, it should be reported, that 5% of the population will not steal. They would rather starve to death than steal because they are wired by strong ethical behavior and moral principles.

Altered bank checks are genuine checks with an added twist. The intended recipient can be altered or the account number details altered so a con artist can reap the benefit. Alteration will be either of the payee or the amount the check was written for.

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