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Dabei seit: 09. Mar 2018

# 17.08.2019 - 09:51:50

Just turned on the computer, browsed a few lines of text, and the voltage began to decrease again. So shut down, leave, go back to the window and continue my book mountain trip. Tired, he looked up at the blue sky outside the window, flowing clouds, listening to the towering trees in the corn forest, and still standing in the shade of greenery, the breeze blowing, the branches and leaves vibrating, rustling . A bird standing on the top of the tree, a graceful figure, a whispering voice, seems to be calling its lover not far away. Then it vacated and there was no trace. Mr. Wu Liu, who was stunned after drinking, did not feel sorrowful and sullen. At noon, I saw the girl again, the girl who walked through my window every day. She carried a school bag, black jeans and a blue top, like a blue cloud, drifting gently in front of my eyes. Blue clouds, blue dreams, blues represent melancholy, so she is a melancholy dream. Her awkward posture is always like the clouds in the sky, fluttering, leaving no intention. Only at a distance, not close to this time, the sun is like a fire, the heat is hard, the grass is awkward, and people are starting to be drowsy. Only her blue Qiang image has a beautiful scenery, which is particularly dazzling in the sun. Like a breeze, I sent a burst of coolness. Let my dry heart be like a slap in the face, open and clear, clear and transparent. This road is not the only way she can go to school, but she has to walk through it every day, twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon Carton Of Cigarettes. Therefore, as long as I have enough patience, do not go online, do not read the book, I can see her floating around the window. Like a beautiful butterfly, it is also like a light cockroach. I think her past life, not a beggar Cheap Cigarettes, or a butterfly, has flown from the dream of Zhuangzi to the dream of me and even more people. Use beauty to decorate the dreams of me or others. My window is always facing the southwest. Every day I see the same tree. The same mountain, the anniversary does not change, the time is unchanged, the time is long, and the beauty in the beautiful things will also produce aesthetic fatigue. Her appearance can not help but let me The eyes are bright, the spirit is uplifting, the imagination is united, and the thoughts begin to become active with silence as she moves slowly. Although I have passed the heart for love, the age of tea is not old, my heart is getting old every day, love is now in me, just a noun. However, the hunger for beauty is still as always, and the eyes of the United States are still not reduced. A few years ago, she was still a small, unremarkable little bit, dull, silly, and blink of an eye, but she has become a slim young girl, looking forward to beautiful, clever smile. Innocent, gentle and kind. At the age of seventeen, it��s enviable to get the age of the water! I appreciate her beauty and envy her youth. Seeing her, I not only lamented the creation of beauty by nature, but also lamented the ruthlessness of the passing of time. How can one of my bald pens do her grace? I am not Liu Xiahui Marlboro Lights, I can sit still, so sometimes it is inevitable that she will have some inconsistencies, how many times, even in the dream like a virtual bamboo and her bumps and phoenixes, lingering... Oh, this idea is Not some unreasonable, so don��t say it.
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