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The sales of Container Houses

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Dabei seit: 24. Mar 2016

# 24.03.2016 - 08:05:40

At present, the sales of Container Houses grows rapidly in our society. And the demand for modular house grows as well. For its low cost, it has become a new constructing tendency all over the world. But do you know why modular houses are affordable?

As far as we know, a modular house is firstly assembled at a sanitary , climate-controlled manufacturing facility. Because the production process happened in a clean interior environment, you don’t need to worry that the materials might be damaged by bad weather or vandalism. This is a great factor that reduces its cost of production.

Now, almost all modular house manufacturers have computer-controlled tools which can effectively shape and cut the raw materials, on the other hand, this also minimize material waste effectively. Besides, the materials used in modular houses are purchased at bulk discount rates. We know, the economic efficiency of manufacturer is a major reason that makes modular houses affordable.

In the assembling process, nearly all works of construct a house have completed. When comes to the found process, just ship the house to its foundation and joint them with special fasteners is OK. Thanks to the advanced computer-control tools, the modules are cut preciously, they can fit together so tightly that the finished home will be virtually draft-free. This is another factor that make modular homes affordable.

The third reason why modular homes are so affordable is that the time it takes between their leaving the factory and being ready for a family to move in is usually a matter of weeks. And it only takes one day or two to settle them down to their foundation, finishing the home will take two or three weeks, depending on its size.

From selecting a desirable construction type to settle in the house, the entire modular house process will only takes you around three months. While the conventional house construction will takes you six month to a year to complete. This abbreviated completion time is the forth reason.

You can make sure that each modular home will have been inspected before it left the manufacture. Therefore, modular homes are not only affordable houses, they are durable, energy-efficient, and superior quality houses as well.

Hangzhou Xiaoya is a professional modular house manufacture, you can get more information of Modified Shipping Container Home on our website www.hzxiaoya.com.



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