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# 23.10.2017 - 09:27:03

As the 20th FIFA World Cup tournament is fast approaching Cheap Brandon Graham Jersey , you might want to know some interesting facts and soccer stats to make the game more interesting, and for you not be left behind. Here are some interesting and remarkable facts about this world-renowned sport.

1. In the United States, it is commonly called “soccer” but it is known everywhere as “football”. Only Canada and the United States use the word “soccer” for this game.
2. The shape of the soccer ball is slightly oval. It is because of its checkered board designs that create a perfect sphere illusion.
3. Soccer fixtures mean the schedule of plays.
4. For 3rd world communities who cannot afford to buy a soccer ball, they would use a make-shift ball made out of disposable diapers or rags. How creative is that?
5. Soccer players have a different name for their uniform. It is called “kits”. Having mention this makes you feel more of like soccer pro.
6. Do you know Canada’s national sport? You guessed it right; it’s no other than soccer of course.
7. In 1950 World Cup, heavy rain poured over that damaged the original world cup. Because it was only made up of papier-maché, it has to be replaced. It was also the same year when India withdrew from the tournament because they were not allowed to play barefoot during the competition.
8. There are several debates on the origin of soccer. Some claims it started in China Cheap Jalen Mills Jersey , but some claim that it started in the early 1800s in Newgate Prison, in London. This was the game invented by the prisoners whose hands were cut off because of theft. They used their feet instead to kill time so-to-speak while in prison.
9. Soccer ball was used by the very first basketball game.
10. Never call a football fanatic a “fan”. They liked to be called “supporters” to have a deeper type of backing for their favourite teams.
11. The World Cup Tournament is the biggest competition in the world which is held every 4 years and hosted by different countries.

This popular game is ecstatically watched by billions of people all around the world. This year’s competition will be held in Brazil this coming June 12 to July 13, where 32 teams from 5 confederations will be battling in 12 magnificent host cities, in Brazil.

Soccer fans need to stay updated on the latest games, soccer statistics and events that are happening in the world of soccer and therefore they need to look out for sites that can provide complete information on schedules and soccer events happening. The site should also provide live scores and information on various games that are being played across the world as well as complete statistical tables, schedules Cheap Ronald Darby Jersey , previews of the upcoming soccer games, football stats and a lot more tips and information about soccer!. On the other hand, look out for sites that provide information on various football teams as per their countries that makes it easier for the people to analyse their favourite teams and players.

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