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# 17.10.2017 - 11:29:20

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An often overlooked but incredibly important aspect of construction is the surveying of the land where construction is to take place, the firm that performs the survey, and of course the surveyor costs that go along with it.
Land surveyor costs and applicable fees are for the most part market driven and the prices set by surveying firms are directly related to location, population, and other factors.
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In a city or urban environment, where the local topographic landscape can literally change every one hundred feet, the constant traffic of automobiles, the foot traffic of people going about their daily activities, and even law enforcement officials can and do hinder the setup and project time of the surveyors and their team, all of which will add to the land surveyors fees and the cost of the project as a whole.
Land Surveyor Costs And Their Relationship To Property Prices
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When property is surveyed, tax rates may be increased if it is found the property frontage is larger than originally assessed in the past.
Land surveying is also an important part of property upgrades and additions. It is important to make sure that the new construction is in fact within the boundaries of the property in question and does not extend over a neighbor’s property line.
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