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Dabei seit: 13. Mar 2017

# 14.03.2017 - 09:34:03

Fat loss workouts for speeding up metabolism using your home exercise equipment or commercial fitness center.

Lowering body fat levels is what most of us are after when we're talking about toning up or getting in shape.

Having a ripped midsection isn't the goal for everyone http://www.avalancheteamauthority.c.../rene-robert-avalanche-jersey-c-19/ , but losing some fat would sure feel good!
Most fat loss workouts you read about consist of lots of aerobic activity. If that's your cup of tea, then feel free to continue spending inordinate amounts of time pounding away on that treadmill.

To permanently increase your body's metabolism, fat loss workouts should revolve around resistance training. Most of the time, resistance training is kind of an after thought.
Well http://www.avalancheteamauthority.c...rene-bourque-avalanche-jersey-c-27/ , if your goal is permanent fat loss, then you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't primarily focus on pushing and pulling some iron.

Now when you think about "lifting weights", the first images that pop into your head are big, overgrown muscle heads. Wipe those images from your head because fat loss workouts involving resistance training as your primary source of exercise is just what the fat loss fairy ordered.
Any type of resistance such as free weights http://www.avalancheteamauthority.c...ter-forsberg-avalanche-jersey-c-22/ , machines, bodyweight, odd items around the house, whatever has some meat to it http://www.avalancheteamauthority.c.../paul-kariya-avalanche-jersey-c-21/ , can be used for resistance.

The example below incorporates the use of your own bodyweight. You could use additional resistance in the form of dumbbells if you so desire. It depends on where you workout if additional resistance will be available to you.

The reason fat loss workouts should incorporate a solid resistance training aspect is because muscle burns calories, even at rest! Muscle is a 24-hour a day calorie burner. The more muscle you have to burn calories, the faster your metabolism runs...and that's a good thing.

I can see all the women reading this article shaking their heads. Muscle! I don't want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Don't worry ladies.

Testosterone is the main reason guys have an easier time gaining muscle. Unless your testosterone is on the same level as Mr. Schwarzenegger's, I wouldn't worry about it.

I do want you to perform some form of additional "aerobic" work http://www.avalancheteamauthority.c...m/patrick-roy-avalanche-jersey-c-9/ , but there's a twist to that as well.

Our main goal in creating effective fat loss workouts is to preserve andor increase muscle as well as burn calories.

Traditional long duration aerobic workouts do burn calories, but they also rob your body of it's own built in calorie burner, Muscle. A drop in muscle means your body is burning fewer calories. You want the opposite to happen if long term fat loss is your goal. So in order to save muscle, you're going to perform your calorie burning sessions a little differently. Short bursts of exercise followed by short recovery periods are in order. Let me explain.

Let's take riding a stationary bike for example. All you need is 10 total minutes. Initially that's all you're going to do. After a brief warm-up http://www.avalancheteamauthority.c...olas-meloche-avalanche-jersey-c-25/ , your going to increase the level andor speed of the stationary bike to a level you have to really struggle with. You'll continue to pedal as fast and as hard as possible for just one minute. When that one-minute has expired and you've given it everything you've got, your going to back the level and speed down to something relatively easy for exactly one minute. After that recovery minute, it's right back into the hard stuff. Now, I know it sounds rough. Remember it's only for 10 minutes http://www.avalancheteamauthority.c...han-mackinnon-avalanche-jersey-c-8/ , then it's done!

If you can only do 6 or 8 minutes, that's fine. Just make a note in your exercise log what level, speed, distance and time you performed.

It's extremely important to keep detailed notes of your fat loss workouts. You'll want to see consistent progress. The only way to do that is to know what you did last time...and don't think you'll remember http://www.avalancheteamauthority.c...kko-rantanen-avalanche-jersey-c-11/ , just write it down. It'll be fun to look back on your notes in a year's time to see how far you're fat loss workouts have come and the results you've made.

The above workout can be performed for up to 20 minutes. Once you're up to 20 minutes, perform a different type of exercise and work your way back up to 20 minutes.
*Remember to always work within your limits. If you're feeling like it's too much, then back off.
It's about making progress slow and steady, not trying to kill yourself right out of the gate.

The resistance exercise routine below consists uses your bodyweight as the resistance. You can do this routine anywhere http://www.avalancheteamauthority.c...l-grigorenko-avalanche-jersey-c-28/ , as long as you have about a 10x10 area, you're fine.

Routine #1
Follow the routine below each day or every other day.

Jumping Jacks-
20 repetitions

10 repetitions (on knees or regular)

Wall sits-
30 seconds (sit against a wall with your feet shoulder width apart and knees bent at a 90 degree angle...hold that position like you're sitting in a chair)

Chair dips- 10 repetitions (use a chair - facing away place hands on the edge with your legs bent at a 90-degree angle and your feet flat on the floor. Lower yourself as low as you can and return to the top pushing with your arms)

Squat thrust-
10 repetitions (standing erect, squat down placing your open hands on the ground in front of you. Next, while holding your body with your hands http://www.avalancheteamauthority.c.../matt-duchene-avalanche-jersey-c-6/ , kick your legs back until they're straight ending up in a pushup position. Kick your legs back under you and stand up.... that's one rep.)

Crunches- 20 repetitions
Deep knee bends- 20 repetitions (squat down as far as possible while keeping a straight back. Let the heels come off the floor so you can stay upright and go further into the squat position. Y Pieces when deciding on your personal pieces of furniture -.



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