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Dabei seit: 17. Nov 2018

# 02.08.2020 - 05:59:40

Imagine yourself hospitalized with anemic blood. You are growing weaker by the hour. Your red blood count is way down. Your doctor prescribes a transfusion, and the nurse rolls in a machine. "At last," you say to yourself, "I'm going to get the help I need." The nurse puts a needle into your vein. But then to your horror, instead of giving you blood, he connects you to an empty bag. What blood you do have drains out of you.

That's Buffalo and the casino deal. Everyone here knows that our economy is worse than anemic. Everyone here knows that we need a transfusion of real economic development. Unfortunately, the casino will only suck what economic blood we have left out of our city.

Is it breaking anyone's bubble to say that Buffalo is not a world-class tourist destination? Casinos make economic sense in Las Vegas, where people from all over the world flock to spend their money. A casino might even make economic sense in Niagara Falls.

But no out-of-towners will plan a trip to Buffalo's casino with many more attractive places to gamble already available. No, the money lost in Buffalo's casino will come straight out of Western New York's neighborhoods and flow straight into the pockets of the Senecas, their developer and the State of New York -- all out of town. Buffalo's share? A bad joke Marlboro Red Cigarettes. Less than 5 percent of the profits.

While the casino siphons off our money, it will do a lot of other damage:

No other city has a sovereign nation, with the right to expand through eminent domain Marlboro Menthol, smack in the middle of its downtown. Inside the casino, our normal rights as citizens evaporate because we are subject to the tribal laws of the Senecas. If the Senecas decide they want to expand their operation or provide housing for their citizens who work at the casino, they can gobble up more of downtown. Every property they acquire comes off the tax rolls.

Nothing prevents the casino from selling cigarettes, liquor, gasoline or other things taxed by New York State at prices that greatly undercut the local competition. What local merchant thinks the casino is a good deal? What will happen to the Elmwood Strip or to local drug stores or gas stations?

There will be increased costs to Buffalo for police protection, streets and sanitation, and social services to those who become addicted to gambling Marlboro Cigarettes. The casino will be a potential entry point for organized crime. Who will pay for these costs? Why should we think this deal will be better than Buffalo's share of the profits?

Hello, casino. Good-bye, Buffalo Bills? The casino will suck up scarce entertainment dollars. What if the Bills have a couple of losing seasons and fan support begins to wain? Even more in jeopardy is the Theater District and the bars and restaurants on Chippewa Street Newport Cigarettes Website.

This casino deal did not just happen. The deal makers spent almost $4 million in lobbying and campaign contributions, according to Common Cause. In fact, this deal is the poster child for campaign finance reform. The people who spent and received this money did not altruistically plan what was best for Western New York. They placed a bet, expecting it to make them richer. They plotted so ordinary citizens who live here never got a chance to vote on it Cigarettes Online. They had better odds than we'll ever see at the casino Marlboro Lights. For us, however, it's a chump's deal.

We don't have to accept it. Like moving the Buffalo Zoo or Children's Hospital, we can just say no! Speak up now, or watch the casino drain your wallet!
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