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Dabei seit: 09. Mar 2018

# 14.01.2020 - 07:14:25

The coast of the morning may be more imaginative than dusk. I often look at the increasingly empty sky to miss the sea in my memory. Growth is like a slow knock on the door, a click, a sound, but mythically peeled off one of the hardest shells in life. After that, all that was exposed was the messy time that had been wrapped for so long. The only sign that people are getting older is the various nostalgia hanging on the heart door. Manipulation or contrition, can no longer be restrained, when the time goes faster and faster, the sky seems to be getting longer and longer Cigarettes Online, this contradiction is like the heart, you gently cover up the emotions to remember, those rich In the past, you just crashed and destroyed your carefully whitewashed fortress. The growing smile was piled on a generous forehead, a rattan chair and two newspapers, and it was a whole afternoon. Dusk rendered by wind and sunlight, relying on only one round of sun, one by one to explain the whereabouts of the whole day. I think of pretending to be deeply lyrical in blogs, and then remembering a certain day, month, and day, analyzing my history like an expert. To be precise, in the past, I ca n��t stop anyone from regretting something. After the embarrassment, only sitting quietly on a rattan chair in the setting sun and snoring, letting time go in a hurry, and then noisily jumping and noisy. Because of time, he has always been inseparable from his present, and he has no relationship with that in history. In any case, we still have to wait for the stars to rise. Over the years, I have traveled so many different paths, looking back, all the experience is like acting in a scene arranged by people. Messy, noisy, and thrillingly silent is a gift that is enough to prove a person's courage and glory. From the food you eat to the songs you listen to, some feelings are getting lighter, and you are becoming more forgiving to the world. Since learning to tolerate, I have never lost temper with anyone. Walking forward quietly, slowly feeding a mature heart. I do n��t know when, I ��m more and more afraid of hearing about things related to illness, and even the slightest change in my body can startle every nerve in my body. If I'm uneasy, how can I put so many futures? Apart from myself, the biggest wish is the health of the whole family, and peace is the blessing, and health is naturally the greatest blessing in the world. Compared with those years ago, those days that can't wait to escape, now I hope to give more Time to accompany the family, under a gentle light, full of happiness and parents finished a meal. Distant and poetic, in fact, is not as stable as sideways. In terms of career Carton Of Cigarettes, there are more and more unsatisfactory places. The embarrassment of the lows every year is often like buckets of ice water poured from the top of the head to the soles of the feet. Thinking of the unpredictable future, so many moods are like half moons in the vast sky. I can't find warm lights, and naturally I can't warm the shadows on the ice sheet. Success, like the majestic mountains and rivers in all the beautiful pictures, so many once, wandering on a tree and fallen leaves, it really reflects the silent self. When I think of terms like secular security, I can't help but think of cooking. All the ending stories are nothing more than the washing water in the basin, the noisy washing, and the rest are edible dishes. Isn't it like this in my past? Simple mushroom greens, shredded pepper potatoes, anchovy tofu soup ... Similar to all kinds, aren't they some feelings between the lips and teeth? I endured my past with my heart, memories and memories, one scene and one taste, and I only accepted all the joy and warmth in my heart. Time is countless, wind and rain is a retrospective period of youth; the memory of Ping Zong, but these sloppy night whispers of my dreams, have yet to overlap with the mountains and rivers behind. The distance between me and them Wholesale Cigarettes, through the bright night at this moment, the journey in the future is the light I forgot to turn off before going to bed. Many years later, I said to myself, that year I hid on the shore of the Huai River, covered with snow and wind, and finally got lush. This is the halfway of youth. On my position, I have a long dream . The wild rain struck, this cold and thin night, the fish guilty, one shot for you, one shot for him, woke up a lot of time, this is the most abundant gift I gave myself.
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