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# 12.08.2017 - 09:57:14

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An afternoon soaking up the sun might help you to pinpoint the actual problems you will need to face, and recharge your energy. Prioritizing your responsibilities in list form is usually an extremely helpful Tension Relief Tip, which can help you to figure out which products really should be dealt with very first.

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The weight of an extinguisher does not necessarily describe its fire-fighting ability, ie different brands of 4.5kg DCP extinguishers vary in their ability to put out fires. When comparing prices and value for money look at the ABE rating, not just the weight. The ratings you see below are only for the extinguishers we sell. All our DCP extinguishers use high performance powder, so their rating will usually be higher than our competitor's brand for the same weight

What do the fire ratings mean?
The letters A, B, E Remy Descamps Jersey , & F are 4 types of fires that are covered by these fire extinguishers
These letters classify a fire mostly by the type of fuel that is keeping the fire going.
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How do you decide which extinguisher to put where?
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