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How to buy the best juicer

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# 22.09.2021 - 04:30:43

How to buy the best juicer

Some are better suited to some fruits and veg than others, and prices can vary by hundreds of pounds, so it pays to know what matters, and which features really will make your life easier. Just want to know which juicers are best at extracting maximum goodness from your fruit and veg? See our best juicers, including the best cheap juicers.To get more news about Screw Juicer, you can visit hlmachines.com official website.

Our quick video guide explains what to look for when buying and the key choices you need to make.
If you mainly want to make orange juice, a citrus press could be all you need, but if you want to add other fruit and veg to your juices, one of the other types would suit you better. To find out which one, answer a couple of questions in our quick choosing tool below, and we'll recommend the best option.

Centrifugal juicers - sometimes called fast juicers - work by shredding ingredients with a fast-spinning blade surrounded by a sieve. The high-speed spinning (centrifugal) force then separates the juice from the pulp, flinging it through the sieve. Centrifugal juicers often have two speeds - one for hard or soft fruit and one for veg. Higher-end models sometimes also have a 'soft fruit' disc that will allow you to juice fruits such as berries, which centrifugal juicers usually struggle with.

Slow juicers crush fruit and vegetables using slowly rotating gears (augers), pressing out the juice through a sieve. They are generally more expensive, with prices starting from around £150. Some can also be used as mincers or coffee grinders, or for making pasta, nut butters or even ice cream.

Masticating juicers are sometimes marketed as 'cold press' and claim to preserve more nutrients by keeping ingredients cooler during the juicing process. But a true cold press juicer shreds fruits and vegetables into a thick, smoothie-like pulp, and then use a hydraulic press to separate the juice from the fibres, which this type of juicer doesn't do. You can't currently buy a real cold press juicer for home use. When we tested nutrition claims for different types of juicer we found no single type was better at preserving nutrients. We've also found some centrifugal models that extract more juice than masticating ones, despite masticating juicers often claiming to extract more than their cheaper counterparts. See the full results in our guide to fast vs slow juicers.

You can pick up a cheap juicer for around £30, but prices vary wildly, with some premium juicers costing more than £350. Pricier juicers claim to extract more, better quality juice, but our lab tests show that this isn't always true. The good news is that you don't need to pay through the nose to get a decent juicer - we've found Best Buy juicers that squeeze every last drop out for less than £40.

If you pay more, you'll usually get some useful extras. An extra-large feed chute, for example, will mean you can juice whole fruits and vegetables without having to chop them up first. And a jug with foam separator will give you smooth, foam-free juice.

Some extra features may not be top of your list when looking for a new juicer, but they'll make your life much easier in the long run. Below, we run through key things to look out for when choosing a new juicer:



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