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IP Telephony Comes of Age

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# 30.07.2021 - 08:43:25

IP Telephony Comes of Age

Once utilized by only the most cutting-edge businesses, IP telephony - where voice conversations are routed over the Internet or through any other IP-based network - is truly growing up.Get more news about Ip Telephony,you can vist our website!
Also referred to as voice over IP, or VoIP, "IP telephony has gone mainstream," says VoIP analyst Brian Riggs of Current Analysis. "There's no doubt about it." A look at the latest statistics bears out his contention: sales of VoIP are outstripping sales of traditional PBX lines, with the former rising by 10 percent last year and the latter declining at a comparable rate.
Retailers are clearly among the big adopters of VoIP. Research released by Aberdeen Group indicates that nearly 80 percent of large retailers, 39 percent of mid-sized retailers and almost 20 percent of small merchants had implemented VoIP by the end of 2006, up from a respective 20 percent, three percent and zero percent at year-end 2004. The evolution of IP telephony products comprises a major driver here. Such vendors as 3Com, Cisco, Nortel, RAD, SpectraLink and Covad have standardized the feature sets of their products. Some players offer hybrid software that enable end-users to gradually phase out legacy PBX systems.
The benefits of migrating to VoIP telephony are equally compelling. Admittedly, IP-based and traditional phone systems require a comparable initial financial outlay - with the exception of IP-enabled handsets, that are double the price of older models, at $200 to $300 apiece. However, the cost of maintaining VoIP configurations is lower because they require less maintenance than their legacy-style counterparts. IP telephony also minimizes retailers' long-distance calling charges by enabling calls between stores and corporate headquarters to be executed over a virtual private network (VPN).
Productivity enhancements abound as well. With IP-enabled telephones in hand, incoming calls can be forwarded to store managers and associates on the sales floor, and voicemail can be accessed remotely. Some systems let managers with a single mailbox listen to voicemail and E-mail simultaneously, from any location, via text-to-speech technology.
For three-unit retailer, Cambria Bicycle Outfitter, migrating to a VoIP system built on Covad's ClearEdge application has lowered monthly expenditures for calls between stores and the warehouse by two-thirds, according to Cambria's president, Steve Fleury. An online dashboard component of the application allows the entire phone system to be managed from any computer, expediting the handling of calls from customers and suppliers.
"A lot of our staff also move around from store to store or from stores to our warehouse," Fleury says. "With the system, we can transfer their calls to their cell phones, so they can assist customers even while they are out on the floor without compromising efficiencies."



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