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Drone jammer came into being

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Dabei seit: 13. Jul 2020

# 13.07.2020 - 08:50:31

As the sales of drones are now growing rapidly, and the number and severity of drone incidents that occur every day are increasing, Jammer Mart launched drone jammer in response to the malicious use of consumer and commercial drones and the ensuing The need for effective countermeasures against UAV invasions. To the extent permitted by law, Jammer Mart aims to help public and private sector customers take proactive measures to defend against airborne threats to safety, security and privacy.

Amid the growing threat from uavs, a portable device has been developed on the market to shoot down unmanned aerial vehicles by blocking communications between operators and them. Once a uavs is spotted, the operator aims his gun-shaped drone rf jammer at it and pulls the trigger after selecting the relevant mode to handle the uavs in the current environment. The device prevents the drone from communicating with its remote control.
Jammers are designed to disrupt a drone by blasting electromagnetic noise at radio frequencies that drones operate and transmit video at, and at a power level high enough to drown out any effective communication between the drone and its pilot. Generally, this is either 2.4Ghz or 5.8Ghz (“RF-jamming”), which are “non-assigned” public frequencies meaning that drone jammers will not interfere with manned aircraft, cell phones, public broadcasts, or other dedicated radio bands. In addition to RF-jamming, where legal for the customer (which depending on the jurisdiction, may include military, law enforcement, first responders and private users), GPS jamming may also be utilized, as a large number of drones rely on GPS either to balance against wind, or to go between pre-determined way-points.
The RF drone signal jammer blocks the connection between the hostile drone’s video, telemetry, command, control and navigation systems and the device’s operator. By jamming the communication channels, the drone is effectively disabled and forced back to its home base or grounded at its current location.
Next, let's take a brief look at high power jammer,As the signal jammer's demand for interference distance is getting farther and farther away. Ordinary jammers can't interfere with the ideal distance, and high-power jammers can do it. There are a large number of signal jammers designed with strong interference distances, you can get the ideal signal jammer. The same is true for high-power signal blockers.

As the name implies, powerful jammer can jamming with more signals and more wide range, the more can guarantee information security. It can disturb the signals which we want availably.To ensure the validity of the scope,the high powerful blocker device is your best choice.They are not very large in terms of weight and volume, and most have portable features.So you don't have to worry about the weight.
Even high-power equipment used in military bases, prisons and security facilities (such as research and development centers). Prevent unauthorized wireless and radio communications without leaking sensitive information. With this high-power portable signal jammer, you can get a TRUE working radius of up to 20 meters, which means that this portable signal jammer can cover a large area without trouble. So how does it work? Simply open it during company presentations, meetings, worship services, legal proceedings, or other important events, and you can immediately get complete security and an interference-free environment.



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