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Dabei seit: 09. Mar 2018

# 17.08.2019 - 09:52:08

Autumn is coming, cool, thin. It was the wind that smashed from the side, rolled up a leaf that would fall and fell on the tree, and trembled in the air. In the air, the clouds are light and windy. I walked on the street, the car flowed like water, and was stopped by red light like water. Crossing through, it seems that only I am walking alone, empty, cool and cool. In September, the weather is cold. I gathered my hair and picked up my mood. The mood of being hit by a typhoon in the heat and being grilled by the sun seems to be a bit broken. I walked quietly on my own path. In the air, it is still light and windy. As for a person, suddenly I feel that there is a kind of clear water and gloom. Can not love, do not love, can not afford to hate, the Buddha said: no sorrow, no sorrow, no sorrow, no sorrow, no anger, no anger, no love, no hate, no sorrow, no sorrow, no sorrow, no distraction, no heart, no doubt I also learned to be forbearing. When you are full of thoughts, you don't dare to write too long sentences. If you are careful, you will reveal your own fragile emotions; or just use a few words that are implicit and concealed to reveal a few emotions. When everything can be put down, you can finally look at it calmly, and finally you can finally pay attention to not only paying attention to your own sorrows and sorrows, but also no longer only embracing your own solitude and silence. A faint look at the people and things around me floating in the golden and not dazzling sunshine, quietly doing some small and trivial work on hand in long and short days. As long as you exercise slowly, even the fine sand will be piled up into a perfect statue, or the flowing water will wash away a tough trace. The flowing clouds in the blue sky are slowly blown into the misty haze by the breeze. Rogue. The leaves on the branches are dyed with a slight sorrow, and the depression is cold. There is always a change in the shape of life Carton Of Cigarettes. I only hope that I have the same character as flowing water, faint, soft, light, and tough. Like the soft and long water, it meets the impact of the rock and the ups and downs of the gully, like the deep and dignified water to map the broadness and clarity of the sky. I hope that after the fall of the fall, I can still condense into the clear and peaceful eyes of the spring Cheap Cigarettes, the quiet and deep heart of the lake. In the sky of September, the clouds are light and windy. Farmers will have a heavy autumn harvest. I didn't cultivate, of course I couldn't get the fruit. But I can still share the faint scent of the wind, as well as the blue autumn colors. Nature will give generous and inclusive gifts and enlightenment to everyone in every season. In the air, the clouds are light and windy Marlboro Red. Tagore said: There are no traces of wings in the sky, but I have already flown. Perhaps it is just that others can't see it. In fact, the traces are left in the bottom of my heart. It has been a long time and a long time. Autumn is faint.
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